'Violence comes with Trump': MSNBC analyst backs Biden's claims about Trump's fans
Donald Trump fans (Photo by Olivier Touron for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," longtime political analyst Chris Matthews came to Joe Biden's defense after the president angered conservatives by pointing out that wherever Donald Trump goes, violence seems to follow.

Since a Thursday night speech where Biden called out MAGA Republicans and the former president for inciting violence, conservatives have been raging at the president calling him "divisive" and saying he is tearing the country apart.

According to Matthews, Trump and his supporters need to take a look in the mirror if they're worried about "divisiveness" and political violence.

Speaking with co-host Willie Geist, Matthews ticked off a list of Trump's transgressions from his threats at his rallies to the Jan. 6 insurrection he inspired.

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"When I watched Trump this weekend and I watched him talking about violent protesters, noisy protesters, he was saying, 'Beat them up, that's what we used to do, beat them up. That's how we handle these people,'" Matthews began. "Right there in front of us he's talking in violent language -- that's how he is, he loves this stuff, the more violent the better."

"The demonstration against the Capitol? He watched it for... hours and enjoyed it. We saw what he did," he continued. "I don't know how he controls people's minds; that's the part that amazes me. He didn't tell Rudy Giuliani to show up drunk at the White House and told him he won but he did. America's mayor showed up drunk at the White House and said 'You won the election.' He said 'great, come on in, I want to hear more about it.'"

"How do people like Mark Meadows behave like that? " he continued. "Kevin McCarthy become so quickly won over by this guy's brain. I mean, it is astounding to watch this man manipulate his party. There are a lot of MAGA Republicans out there, so many that the people in power are afraid to challenge them, to go against them. Violence seems to come with Trump, no doubt about it."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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