Morning Joe's Mika goes off on the 'quacks and freaks' Trump has foisted on the GOP
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake (Photos via Oz Facebook, AFP)

After watching a clip of Ohio Republican J.D. Vance defend Donald Trump in a debate on Monday night with his U.S. Senate opponent Rep. Tim Ryan (D), "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski launched into a diatribe against the multitude of Donald Trump candidates who will be on the ballot in less than a month.

Reacting strongly to Vance's advocacy of limiting a woman's right to an abortion, the MSNBC host added Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and Arizona Republican Kari Lake -- who is running for governor -- to her list of what she called "quacks and freaks."

"I was going to talk about abortion, and we will in a moment, but on a global level, and this does matter in terms of what the rest of the world is thinking of America, which right now when you have things like that permeating our politics, meaning right, election-denying Kari Lake running for governor in Arizona and claiming that she'll only accept the results if she wins, et cetera, et cetera," she began.

"This guy, J.D. Vance -- let's not even talk about Dr. Oz who is not even committed to Pennsylvania -- seems to be committed to the country of Turkey among other things -- hasn't told the truth. Has been seen as a quack doctor, and dragged into Congress to testify about things he said. These are the Republican candidates, thank you, Donald Trump, that are permeating our politics in light of Donald Trump."

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"And yes, what does it look like from the outside as the United States is doing an incredible job trying to show the way in Ukraine, trying to help Ukraine save the rest of the world. Save the concept of democracy and Americans don't seem clued into that and they're clued into these quacks and freaks and they may even elect them at this point."

"And I ask you," she directed at MSNBC regular Katty Kay, "What does this look like from the outside because it appears that we're destroying ourselves."

"I kind of hate this question, Mika, because I have lived here long enough to know moments where America's reputation around the world wasn't particularly good, 2004 with the invasion of Iraq was the height of anti-American feeling," she replied. "But you knew that was one specific incident and it would end. At the moment, we're back into a stage where people are looking at America, it's kind of, you know, how can you live there type moment, and so much seems to be going off the rails with democracy."

Watch below the video below or at this link.

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