Filmmaker may have proof Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump discussed Jan. 6 plan months earlier: Guardian reporter
U.S. President Donald Trump's sons Donald Trump Jr. (L) and Eric Trump sit in the audience waiting to watch their father announce his nominee for the empty associate justice seat at the U.S. Supreme Court, at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S. January 31, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump may have been aware of a plan to overturn the 2020 election more than three months before the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to documentary film evidence obtained by the House Select Committee.

Congressional investigators believe plans for disrupting the Jan. 6 certification of the November election results were communicated to advisers to Trump Jr. and his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle before the election had taken place, and documentary filmmaker Alex Holder appears to have evidence to prove this was true, Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"Jamie Raskin, a member of the select committee got a tip that Alex Holder had sat down for these one-on-one interviews with the former president himself and a number of Trump's adult children," Lowell said. "Now, what also emerged during that deposition is that the documentary film crew got access to the Trump Hotel on the 29th of September of 2020. That was the night of the first debate, and that's really significant because Alex Holder was able to record Don Jr. and Eric and others on the phone and having candid private conversations among each other about strategies with respect to the 2020 election."

That date is significant not just because it came before the election, but because it shows there was a coordinated plan among the Trump family and their allies to disrupt a potential loss by the president.

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"It also comes the same night that Steve Bannon was doing an interview with our friend John Heilemann, who of course is the host of 'The Circus' on HBO, and he was telling John about how he expected the outcome of the election to come down on Jan. 6 or later," Lowell said. "But, either way, it would be decided in the House of Representatives in a contingent election, so what the select committee is trying to establish is there a line between what Steve Bannon was saying and Don Jr. was saying."

"We know they share advisers and they share people close to those two, you know, in their orbits," Lowell added. "So they need to establish was there some sort of plan that the Trump children knew about for somehow stopping the certification on Jan. 6, as Bannon was predicting."

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