fani willis
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (Photo: Facebook)

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has been working with the special grand jury in the voter fraud case involving former President Donald Trump. According to an announcement from her office Monday, however, Willis is also turning her eye to the fake electors who attempted to defraud the government with documents meant to cause confusion in the Electoral College count.

"We're going to look at anything connected with interference with the 2020 election," Willis told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I've allowed that to be a broad scope, not just the (former) President's phone call that you played there but other things that indicate that there may have been interference with that election, to include fake electorates."

Georiga was among several states where Trump campaign aides coordinated with Republicans to create false documents. In Michigan, the attorney general referred her investigation's findings to the Justice Department. In Arizona, the fake electors fraudulently used the state seal of Arizona on the documents. The Republican attorney general there, however, is refusing to hold them accountable.

David Shafer, a Republican from Georgia who was one of Trump's fake electors, revealed that he was given his marching orders by the Trump campaign.

A total of 84 people were put forward as fake electors in the Trump campaign scheme. They included Republicans from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — all states President Joe Biden won. The fake electors also include eight current officeholders and five former officials.

"I don't plan on specifically coordinating with the Department of Justice," Willis said. "What their investigation would be is obviously election fraud that may have occurred anyplace in this great country. Mine is much smaller -- a big investigation, but much smaller. I am only looking into election interference in the state of Georgia and, more specifically, things that they asked for around that call that occurred in my county, Fulton County."