The Trump base is 'high on toxic Fox News propaganda' and wrecking the GOP: George Conway

George Conway explained the toxic dynamic the Republican Party has with its increasingly extreme base.

Republicans had expected a "red wave" in last month's election, but thanks to low-quality candidates endorsed by Donald Trump and chosen by GOP primary voters, they failed to win a Senate majority and eked out a narrow majority in the House.

"Kevin McCarthy thought they were going to get 60 votes," said MSNBC's Joe Scarborough. "Again, it's the antithesis of what I thought Republicans were about, which was winning. People would ask me my strategy, we're going to burn their campaign to the ground and salt the earth so nothing ever grows there again. What does that mean? We're going to beat them so bad their dog is embarrassed to walk down the street. We got to win."

Conway said GOP base had become so reactionary, thanks to a steady diet of conservative media, that their chosen candidates couldn't break through in general elections, and more moderate candidates were cast out in purity tests.

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"They're hostage to a 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent of the party that is completely high on this toxic Fox News propaganda and with Trump still," Conway said. "That's the problem. You cannot piss these people off, you're going to get primaried and lose this election. That's why you see this lack of courage. You're a congressman in one of these districts -- you don't care, you want to win your race. You don't want to get primaried, and it doesn't matter what happens in the swing districts."

That dynamic would likely fuel a third Trump nomination for president in 2024, especially if the GOP field is crowded, and regardless of the criminal cases against him.

"The other thing is we have this former president who's going to run again -- who is running again, announced he's running again -- who's going to be indicted, at least once, probably two or three times, and he's going to get the nomination," Conway said. "Because the only way he can be beaten is one on one. All of these people, I mean, there was something about [Arkansas Gov.] Asa Hutchinon going to Iowa or somewhere in New Hampshire. If all of these people run, Trump's going to win with 30 percent or 40 percent."

Conway believes indictments are likely, and he's pretty sure that will help him secure the nomination.

"Those people are going to say, they're picking on him, and I'm going to vote for Donald Trump," he said.

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