George Santos' original treasurer resigns — so who is doing his finances now?
National Republican Congressional Committee

The campaign treasurer for Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has given his formal notice of resignation in a document filed with the Federal Election Commission and publicly released on Tuesday.

"At the request of the FEC, I am submitting this Form 99 stating that I have resigned as treasurer for the Devolder-Santos for Congress Committee as of January 25, 2023," wrote Nancy Marks in the form filed with the agency.

This comes amid ongoing confusion over who is currently serving as Santos' treasurer, and in fact whether he currently even has a treasurer at all — a legal requirement for his campaign to be able to raise money.

Last week, the Santos campaign filed a report with the FEC stating that they had hired Thomas Datwyler, a treasurer who has worked with several other campaigns. However, Datwyler promptly issued a statement that he had not accepted the job and was not in fact Santos' treasurer.

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Santos has been battling a barrage of scandals, chiefly that he lied about almost every aspect of his life on the campaign trail, fabricating his education, work history, and even ethnic background. He is separately facing a criminal investigation from the District Attorney of Nassau County that could turn on his campaign finance, and experts have highlighted signs the Justice Department may be investigating him too.

Today, Santos announced he would be stepping back from his committee assignments in the House until his legal and ethics issues have been settled — claiming to be doing so of his own volition.