Former senator can't help but notice no one is stepping up to defend Donald Trump after Jan. 6 referrals
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MAGA World appears to be quiet when it comes to the news coming out of the final meeting of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress. Other than a few sneers from Donald Trump on his personal social media platform, the House and Senate Republicans haven't been defending the leader of their party.

"It's not all that often I find myself citing Donald Trump as a legal authority," confessed substitute host John Heilemann. "In this case, I will say that when the man said way back when that, you're guilty of something, you don't take the Fifth. A lot of people said, yeah, that's probably right. Taking the Fifth is a little hinky, and the reason I raise that is because of one of the things I discovered, I want to get a full screen up here. One of the things we discovered in the executive summary, the number of people that pleaded the Fifth, more than 30 witnesses before the select committee issued the Fifth Amendment privilege, and refused on that basis to provide testimony."

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said that it's clear they don't want to talk about it publicly, but it's more important that there were many who didn't want to follow subpoenas.

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"And the other thing we haven't mentioned yet, John, which I find very very interesting," McCaskill continued. "We have not really had any real-time pushback this afternoon. You know, it's interesting to me that Republicans didn't have a war room pushing out, you know, things to try to counter this powerful story that was echoing through the halls of Congress this afternoon. But if you look at the Twitter accounts of the Republican leaders, all they're talking about today and all the right-wing media is talking about is probably just Hunter Biden's laptop. No one is stepping up to defend Donald Trump in light of this powerful, powerful report that came out."

She noted that the House Republicans have decided that they're going to investigate the investigators in the Jan. 6 committee, but it's a waste of time.

"Now, they're going to investigate the security around the Capitol. Okay. Great. So what? Are you going to investigate my private security around my home if it gets burglarized? What about the burglar?" McCaskill asked as a reference to Donald Trump. "And that's really all they've got, and that tells you a lot about these political leaders are want to go get as far away from this as they possibly can, and maybe they're no longer interested in defending Donald Trump."

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