'This is insane': Tenn. lawmaker slams 'sick gun culture' in wake of Nashville mass shooting
Tennessee State Senator Heidi Campbell. (Tennessee General Assembly)

A Tennessee official on Monday attributed the school shooting in Nashville that left at least seven people dead — including three children — to a “sick gun culture that we’re living in.”

Speaking by phone to CNN’s Bianna Golodryga and Boris Sanchez, State Senator Heidi Campbell (D), whose district includes Nashville, said her “stomach dropped to the floor” when she first learned of Monday’s shooting that occurred at The Covenant School, a Christian private, according to The Metro Nashville Police Department.

The shooting suspect, a 28-year-old Nashville woman was fatally shot by police, The Associated Press reports.

“This is a sick gun culture that we're living in, and if there was ever a time when we needed to remind ourselves that common sense gun reforms are necessary this would be that moment because this does not have to happen,” Campbell said.

“This is insane.”

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The 129th mass shooting of 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, occurred at a school with an enrollment of around 209, CNN reports.

“This is a very small school and the community is being very supportive of one another, but no parent should ever have to go through a day like these parents are going through today, where they're sitting in a sanctuary wondering if their child is okay,” Campbell said.

“Even if they know that their child is okay, knowing that someone else's child has been hurt, and knowing that the trauma that their kids have gone through is never going to be remediated, because this is such a horrific event.”

Campbell said that like many others in this tight-knit community, she knows constituents with children at the school.

“Well, you know, my stomach dropped to the floor just like everybody else in this community because yes, of course we know families with children at these schools and quite frankly, I would say that it doesn't even matter if you do or you don't,” she said.

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