Herschel Walker's ex-girlfriend reveals her five years of abuse in her first TV interview
Photo given to MSNBC from Cheryl Parsa

They were together for five years and she experienced a lot of abuse. Speaking to Vaughn Hillyard, Cheryl Parsa explained that she came forward to the Daily Beast last week because she felt like there was fraud being perpetrated against the American people by Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker.

In her first on-camera interview just 48 hours before the election, she talked about her relationship with Walker.

"I believe the deception now is on the American people," said Parsa. "And I have to say what I know. I have to tell the Herschel I know."

She isn't the only one to describe a violent relationship. Walker's ex-wife, Sidney Grossman, spoke out in 2008 about a moment he put a gun to her head and told her, "I'm going to blow your f*cking brains out."

"He said, 'You want to see a man? I'll show you a man,'" Parsa recalled, as Walker pressed his forehead against hers while she was against the wall. His saliva dripped all over her face as he spat at her because he was talking with such force. "He had his hand on my throat, my chest, and then he leaned back to throw a punch, and luckily I was able to avoid that. And the punch landed on the wall instead of me."

Georgia voters have not had a problem with an abusive man who came one trigger away from murder.

After initially supporting him, Walker's son, Christian, had a very public breakup in which he revealed that Walker had "threatened to kill us."

Hillyard noted that Walker's own book reveals he has a kind of multiple personality problem called "dissociative identity disorder."

"I never really thought I would be in this situation today. Who would have ever thought he would be running for Senate? And I feel compelled to come forward," said Parsa. "But it was the women. It was for me because I had lived in silence for so long, carrying the shame of what I allowed."

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