Ohio Republican candidate might have committed a crime if he revealed classified deployment: Reuters reporter
Photo: Facebook

Republican congressional candidate J.R Majewski spoke out on Friday against reports that his service record doesn't show he ever deployed to Afghanistan while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Republicans have withdrawn funding for independent expenditures supporting his campaign, though it's possible they also don't see a pathway to victory for him regardless of the latest allegations.

Majewski has spent years saying that he served in combat in Afghanistan, which isn't consistent with the records showing he deployed to Qatar, where he spent six months loading equipment to be sent to Afghanistan.

But according to Majewski, speaking at a press conference, the deployment was "classified" and that's why it isn't listed anywhere on his paperwork.

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"In fact, the orders, and the military records that I've been able to obtain from my personal files shows that all of my deployments are listed as classified," said Majewski.

Majewski also posted several documents on his Twitter account that show a "classified" or "top secret" deployment. Those documents also say, "Type of Orders: Routine."

None of these records appear to be his DD-214, which certifies a soldier's release or discharge from active duty. As a combat veteran, Majewski would also be entitled to a Combat Action Ribbon for display on his uniform. Majewski hasn't yet brought out any of his fellow soldiers to help speak up for his classified deployment.

Reuters crime and justice reporter Brad Heath noted that revealing the details could also put Majewski in trouble. The act of admitting this publicly could put Majewski at risk of a felony because he revealed a classified deployment, the reporter claimed.

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Raw Story spoke to a former Army paratrooper Rich Ojeda, who served in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned two Bronze Stars. He called Majewski a "fake."

Ojeda, who now runs No Dem Left Behind, asked "why can't he be happy he served? Why does he think he has to paint a picture of himself being some type of warrior in Afghanistan?"

"Anyone who has to tell you his pronoun is 'Patriot' is absolutely not one!" Ojeda also said.