GOP will 'suffer' because it's led by 'freaks' like Marjorie Taylor Greene': analyst
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo by Alex edelman for AFP)

On Monday's "Morning Joe," co-host Joe Scarborough and regular contributor Donnie Deutsch suggested the Republican Party is headed down the road to ruin because it is continuing to elevate the profiles of extremists within the party for the sole reason that they are prolific fundraisers.

With Scarborough noting that the new head of the Michigan Republican Party, Kristina Karamo, is an election denier who lost her bid to be secretary of state by fourteen points and still has not conceded, he added that the current GOP seems incapable of learning from its mistakes.

"They lost again for the sixth year in a row," the MSNBC host remarked. "Now, we were just talking with a Michigan senator [Mallory McMorrow] last hour, talking about how two of the most important states for Republicans, Michigan and Arizona, two states that they lost in a big way, that they really needed to win in 2022. They now have people running their parties that are even bigger insurrectionists, bigger weirdos, bigger freaks."

"One woman who is now running the Michigan GOP, a party that just got wiped out last time, she lost her race in 2022 by 14 points -- still hasn't conceded. She still is an election denier on Donald Trump's 2020 race."

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"Again, I just wonder, I just wonder, are these people spies? Are they double agents sent by the ghost of Ted Kennedy to undermine the Republican Party?" he quipped.

"Look, the problem, Joe, you and I have talked about this a lot," Deutsch replied. "We both said, you know what will happen, they'll keep losing and that'll be the wake-up call. Obviously, they've been hitting the snooze button and it hasn't been the wake-up call."

"The problem is the freaks, the insurrectionists, the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world, they're raising the money, individual needs are being met," he continued. "But the party suffers. Contrast it with the blocking and tackling that the Democrats are doing, starting with our president. Whether you look at jobs, whether you look at unemployment, whether you look at a climate bill, Build Back Better, inflation reduction act, climate act -- you've got one party that's the lug-nut, nutjob party, and the other party is the party of confidence."

"Before the Democrats had this great run the last couple years, I said the ticket for the Democrats is paint the crazy," he added. "They've got a double barrel shotgun: paint the crazy and the attack on competency. The contrast is stunning."

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