Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Hunter Biden 'the biggest piece of white trash in America'
YouTube/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared a video on Saturday in which she made references to "potential crimes" by President Joe Biden and said his son, Hunter Biden, is "the biggest piece of white trash in America."

Greene, who recently launched a public survey to find out what the country thinks about her ongoing investigation of what she calls the "Biden crime family," has claimed that she has witnessed 2,000 pages of evidence against the Biden family.

Greene said in a tweet late Saturday that the Biden family "has been influence peddling Joe Biden's public office as Senator, VP, and POTUS."

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"Not one person has done anything about it, but the buck stops under the Republican-led House," she added.

Greene said the GOP's House Committee on Oversight and Accountability "is hard at work investigating the potential crimes of the Biden family."

Greene's tweet included a video in which she is seen speaking before an unidentified group. In the video, Greene can be seen and heard saying Hunter Biden has committed serious crimes such as sex trafficking. She claimed that Biden's family's companies have never provided anything but "Hunter's pathetic finger paintings" and "Hunter's pornography tapes."

"I want you to really think about that. Hunter Biden is the biggest piece of white trash in America," Greene says to applause around her.

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Greene added that it's "because of his father."

"Joe Biden has been in office longer than I've been alive. He has made a career of politics," Greene said. "And through his career in politics, his family has gotten rich beyond their wildest dreams and they've done that by selling his influence."

The most shocking part, according to Greene, is that no one has "done anything about" Biden's purported influence peddling.