Marjorie Taylor Greene on student loans: Biden 'rewarding' people who 'want me murdered'
Real America's Voice

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that President Joe Biden's move to forgive some student loans was "rewarding" people who want her "murdered" after a SWAT team was called to her home as a dangerous prank.

During a Wednesday night appearance on Real America's Voice, Greene was asked about Biden's new policy that will provide $10,000 in loan relief to many former students. Recipients of Pell grants could qualify for $20,000 in relief.

Greene argued that student loan relief was unfair to people who did not attend college.

"And here comes the Democrats basically rewarding their Ivy League Democrat voters, you know, the one that basically hate me and would love to see me murdered in some sort of swatting raid," the lawmaker complained, "and fully support the maniac that called and did that to me last night."

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Greene said that recipients of student loans "are probably trying to talk one of their kids into changing their gender, which is absolutely sick and disgusting."

She suggested that Biden should be impeached after the decision to forgive student loans.

"I think everyone should be upset about this and, again, Joe Biden is off the rails," Greene argued. "You know, and I'll say it again. I say it over and over again. Impeach Joe Biden. Because I believe people should be fired when they do a bad job."

Watch the video below or at this link.