Matt Gaetz 'is a lawyer's worst nightmare' with allegations of 'Epstein-level behavior': attorney
Rep. Matt Gaetz (MSNBC)

During a Wednesday discussion about the new details from Republican tax collector Joel Greenberg, civil rights attorney Nancy Erika Smith explained that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has already proven to be "a lawyer's worst nightmare."

Speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber, Smith explained that Greenberg must officially file his plea agreement, if there is one, by Saturday, May 15 or the trial moves forward. If there is a plea deal, she anticipates that things will get worse for Gaetz.

"We have sex trafficking of a minor that's — actually we have an eye witness," she explained. "It's funny that he talks about fake IDs because he's charged with aggravated ID theft for giving fake IDs. In fact, Vanity Fair is reporting that he made fake ids to facilitate commercial sex, that that's one of the aspects of the investigation. So, you know this very predatory behavior from men in their late 30s towards very young women, college-aged, right out of high school using power and wealth."

She explained that the Daily Beast report quotes some of the women as saying they were pressured into sex with the men and in group sex. "I mean, this is Epstein-level predatory sexual behavior," she said.

"The next piece they're looking at Gaetz's former girlfriend as possibly a cooperating witness," Smith continued. "She became his girlfriend while she was an intern, also a college-age girl, in Congress. She was on the famous Bahamas trip where the 17-year-old was there along with many young girls and the guy who wants to be the medical marijuana czar of Florida which raises an unbelievable number of ethical and legal questions about Gaetz."

She noted that in an earlier segment Melber was talking about Rudy Giuliani, but "Gaetz is like a lawyer's worst nightmare. He's out there being a loudmouth saying things on Tucker Carlson, 'Well, you met the girl. You met the woman.' Tucker Carlson of course says no."

She pointed out the rich frat-boy culture with Gaetz allegedly showing photos of nude women he said he'd slept with to other officials.

Smith closed by reminding the audience that the investigation into Gatez began under Attorney General Bill Barr and that Gaetz is clearly seeing it as something serious because he hired a former Justice Department lawyer. Still, however, "he's like a lawyer's nightmare in a lot of trouble," she said.

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Gaetz is a nightmare for any lawyer