John Durham 'made a fool of himself' with investigation that was 'asinine from the beginning': Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped special counsel John Durham after the first trial from his investigation ended in an acquittal.

Durham was appointed by former attorney general William Barr to investigate the origins of the probe seeking links between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia, but the first trial from his prosecution ended in an acquittal for Democratic lawyer Michael Sussman, who was charged with lying to FBI agents.

"It's just asinine," Scarborough said. "It's been asinine from the start. This started in March 2017 when Donald Trump said that Barack Obama was tapping his phones, and it continued, one lie after another lie after another lie, which was picked up by all of those news outlets that you just quoted, and then Barr lets Durham start investigating, supposedly investigating the investigators."

"But there's been absolutely nothing there from the beginning," the "Morning Joe" host continued, "and this pleading that everybody jumped on in February, we did an entire segment. I mean, I read it, tried to figure it out for 24 hours. I talked to legal scholars, I said, 'I don't understand this pleading, it looks like it was written by a seventh grader,' and sure enough, it basically was, and then you see, at the end of the day, that this investigation of the 'deep state,' this investigation of the investigators, is much ado about nothing. It's more weirdos, more conspiracy theorists, more freaks, actually getting an attorney general to allow Durham go out and make a fool of himself, to drag this out years to make the investigation of the investigators longer than the original investigation."

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"[It] cost millions and millions of taxpayers' dollars and have absolutely nothing to show about it in the end," he concluded. "But yet, you have people being slandered throughout the entire process, and let's start with the FBI. Let's start with Donald Trump. Let's start with those right-wing dominant media people who can continue to slander the FBI. Let's talk about House Republican leaders who slander the FBI day in and day out, and have been slandering the FBI day in and day out because they dare to investigate a politician, a failed game show host, who did one thing after another that raised legitimate suspicions."

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