Conservative hands Democrats tips for undercutting Mitch McConnell's power even more
Photo credit: AFP

In a column for the Bulwark, editor-at-large Bill Kristol suggested that the Republican Party is at a low point at the moment, having lost control of Congress and White House. As the GOP reels from the fall-out of Trump supporters rioting at the Capitol, he thinks now would be the moment for the Democrats to make some bold moves and put soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell back on his heels even more.

With the president sidelined after losing his social media privileges, Kristol -- long a Republican booster until Trump became president -- urged Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to strike while the iron is hot.

According to Kristol, he is worried that Democrats are "wavering" at a time when "every Democrat believes Trump deserves to be impeached and convicted. Every Democrat knows in his or her heart that the time to do that is now, while memories are fresh, when lessons can be taught, at a moment when the necessary liberation of American politics from Trumpism can most easily begin."

With that, he urged Schumer to step into the void created by McConnell who made the "insane" decision to recess the Senate for ten days when the country is facing a national crisis, not only over the squabbling over the 2020 presidential election results, but also during a deadly pandemic.

Pointing out that McConnell has been enabling the now irretrievably-damaged Trump for four years, Kristol claimed the Democrats have been far too silent about the man who will become the face of the GOP with Trump out of the picture.

"Perhaps this is a time for Chuck Schumer to make his voice heard. To say that the Senate must be called back into session in this time of crisis and if McConnell won't do his duty now, then he should step aside now and let his successor do it," Kristol suggested, implying it will make McConnell look like yesterday's news.

Additionally, the conservative commentator suggested that Democrats attempt to woo Republican senators who have become disenchanted -- if not downright hostile -- with the turn the party has taken under Trump.

"[Sen.] Dick Durbin (D-IL) could say that the Democratic conference would welcome Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Pat Toomey to join them for ten days, so that Schumer can become majority leader right now and call the Senate back into session," Kristol wrote. "Why should Romney, Murkowski, and Toomey want to protect their Trumpy colleagues from having to vote on a removal that a large majority of the country now favors? These three senators have been clear-eyed about just who their colleagues are and what games they have been playing."

Kristol concluded by saying there should be no doubt about impeaching Trump, writing, "As for Republicans in the House, many know what should be done, and some have suggested privately, and a few publicly, that they might be ready to vote for impeachment. These few need encouragement and support. Their votes will not be popular with many of their supporters in their districts."

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