Nicolle Wallace tells Cohen the right lies to its supporters — and the left lies to comfort themselves
Photos: (Gary Gershoff / Contributor and Drew Angerer for AFP)

Nicolle Wallace previously worked for George W. Bush's White House and has been a part of politics for decades, so she's witnessed the specifics about both sides of the political aisle.

In a discussion with Michael Cohen for his "Mea Culpa" podcast, Wallace explained the differences between "lies" that both Democrats and Republicans tell, though her category for "lies" for Democrats is more about hope.

"The right lies to the country and their base and the media. The left lies to themselves, right? They trust institutions. They revert back to the political norms. They believe in political gravity. They think things will run their course and I fundamentally disagree with that theory of the case," Wallace said.

As an insider to GOP politics, Wallace has watched the slow deterioration of the Republican Party, ultimately leaving the GOP around the 2018 elections.

In a 2021 op-ed for, she explained, "Those who served in the GOP have a greater burden to tell the truth about what their party has become. Those who know that the voter suppression laws masquerading as election integrity measures are solutions in search of problems have a duty to sound the alarm. The story of our times is understanding how one of the two major political parties became addicted to the same disinformation and anti-democratic practices it once rebuked in foreign countries and why its base has so eagerly embraced this disastrous pivot."

"They think things will run their course, and I fundamentally disagree with that theory of the case," Wallace said. "I think the combination of the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an economy that, regardless of your party does not feel equal to everybody. I think the old Republican Party bucket of policies that I advocated for was part of — sort of ran their course and I think Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, instead of renewing them kind of went back to the same, you know, same way to sort of tap the political adrenaline and it was tapped out. And so I think that Trump deserves a lot of the blame, but not all that's blame. I think Trump came in and fundamentally rewired American politics."

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