Terrorism expert: Oxford shooter's parents in deeper legal jeopardy after heavily armed arrest

Appearing on CNN early Saturday morning after the arrest of the parents of the Oxford High School shooters who appeared to be on the run, terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem explained that the couple can expect new charges beyond the involuntary manslaughter charges they are each already facing.

Very early Saturday morning, James and Jennifer Crumbley -- parents of Ethan Crumbley -- were taken into custody in Detroit, just 40 miles from the scene of Tuesday's shooting after a tipster spotted their car in an industrial park parking lot which led to a heavily-armed response from law enforcement officials and a SWAT team who surrounded the building.

Speaking with host Christi Paul, Kayyem explained that the couple can likely expect new charges when they are arraigned sometime later Saturday.

"Do you believe some sort of negligence could be added to their charges?" host Paul asked.

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"Probably not negligence, but definitely, you know, sort of avoiding arrest and being denied bail are likely the greatest consequences," the CNN contributor stated. "There will probably be additional charges to their involuntary manslaughter charges announced yesterday based on their fleeing."

"They are a flight risk," she added. "They are in possession, or they were in possession of weaponry. This will add on to the criminal complaint against them."

Discussing their attempt to avoid arrest, Kayyem added, "I am so glad you mentioned they left their kid in jail. These are not people who seem to care much about anyone else, really, honestly, and put the school at risk, obviously, and are -- were cooperative or at least part of their son's plan that happened on Tuesday."

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