Republican co-host of The View rails against the GOP for refusing to denounce Pelosi attacker: 'Shame on you'
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Alyssa Farah Griffin joined the voices of those calling out Republicans refusing to be unified against political violence after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul was attacked by an apparent QAnon supporter.

Griffin said that at the time of the attack on the Congressional baseball game she recalled every Democratic member in office uniformly denouncing the shooter and his actions, and rooted for Rep. Steve Scalise's (R-LA) recovery. She claims that didn't happen among the GOP.

"To those who are not coming out against this, shame on you," she said of her party.

"So, the attacker, who had previously posted QAnon conspiracy theories on social media also had zip ties and told the authorities he intended to break the Speaker's kneecaps if she lied to him, I mean. Is this -- what else needs to happen, I mean, you know, people have been making all kinds of crazy comments," said Whoopi Goldberg.

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She noted that RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel falsely claimed that Joe Biden never came out against the attack against Brett Kavanaugh. Kari Lake led a rally crowd in laughter over Pelosi's protection. Republican organizer Charlie Kirk has asked for the right to help bail out the attacker. Even Kevin McCarthy's words of support for Pelosi dismissed it as just another example of crime.

The Kari Lake insults hit home with Sara Haines, who noted that Lake was forced to report on Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and the assassination attempt on her that killed one of her staffers.

Sunny Hostin cited the Washington Post/University of Maryland poll from Jan. 2022 that found 40 percent of Republicans felt violence against the government could be justified. So the idea that "both sides" are the cause of political violence isn't consistent with the facts.

"I'd like to remind everybody it was not the Democrats who stormed the government that day and tried to kill the vice president, okay?" said Joy Behar. "And the Republicans now coming up to the next election, which is next week by the way, all they do is talk about crime, crime, crime. I looked it up, murders in major cities have fallen by 4 percent so far in 2022 compared with the same period a year ago, so crime is not on the rise it's actually going down under Joe Biden."

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