Florida woman has racist meltdown after restaurant won't give her a refund

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that a viral video shows a woman in Orlando, Florida having a racist meltdown at a Cajun restaurant after an employee refused to give her the meal for free.

"According to the King Cajun Crawfish Instagram page, the customer wanted her money back after claiming that a portion of her meal — the majority of which she’d already eaten — was spoiled," reported Brook Leigh Howard. "When the employee told the customer that she couldn’t get a refund, the customer called her a 'Chinese b*tch' before using a mock Asian accent."

"The customer then walked away from the counter to leave the restaurant, but forgot her to-go order," continued the report. "She went back to the employee, mocked her again, told her to go back to her country, and called her a 'Korean b*tch,' perhaps not realizing that China and Korea are two different countries."

The perpetrator has been identified as a "local small business owner," according to the report.

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This comes amid a number of racial incidents reported in the Sunshine State.

In March, a video circulated of a Lee County man hurling the N-word at a pregnant woman during a parking dispute. Another man in Daytona Beach was arrested earlier this month after threatening to burn down a Black neighbor's house.

Watch the exchange below: