'Rudy's legal problems are piling up': Expert lays out former Trump lawyer's significant jeopardy
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Law enforcement officials on Wednesday raided the apartment and office of former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani -- and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said Thursday that wouldn't have happened unless the one-time New York mayor was in significant legal jeopardy.

Honig began by walking through all the steps that had to occur before a raid on Giuliani got approved, and he noted that they were not simple hoops to jump through.

"You can't just go to a judge and say, 'Hey, judge, take my word for it, we have probable cause," Honig said. "You have to type it all out and bring it to the judge and he reviews it."

Host Brianna Keilar then noted that the raid on Giuliani's apartment, which was reportedly related to lobbying work he may have done on behalf of officials in Ukraine, isn't the only challenge he's facing.

"Yeah, Rudy's legal problems are piling up," Honig replied.

"We know Rudy has been sued civilly by Dominion Voting Systems, alleging he caused over a billion dollars in damages for defamation based on false statements of election fraud," Honig explained. "We know he is being investigated criminally by the Fulton County District Attorney down in Atlanta for potential perjury... and, of course, we know DOJ continues to investigate the insurrection."

Watch the video below.

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