'Beyond stupid': Morning Joe mocks Trump's reaction to Georgia report

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ridiculed former President Donald Trump's insistence that a Georgia special grand jury report had exonerated him.

The panel recommended perjury charges for at least one witness in the investigation and concluded there had been no widespread voter fraud, which undercuts the former president's only defense in the case, but Trump issued a statement on Truth Social thanking the special grand jury for their "total exoneration," which he credited to their "patriotism and courage."

"You know, sometimes there's statements that are layered with ambiguities," Scarborough said, after listening once again to the recorded phone call where Trump asks Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger to "find" the exact number of votes needed to overcome his election loss in the state. "You listen to them, and the more you listen, the more you think, well, maybe, maybe there's a mitigating factor here, maybe this person meant this, maybe they meant that -- no, no. The more you hear Donald Trump's call with the secretary of state of Georgia, demanding one more vote than he lost by, it keeps getting worse every time."

"Every time I hear it, I come away from it thinking, there's just no way they're not going to indict that guy in Georgia," he added.

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Political analyst John Heilemann agreed, saying it would be a miscarriage of justice if Trump somehow avoided criminal charges in that case.

"It was pretty clear from the beginning," Heilemann said. "We all heard it the first time. What was so stunning when we first heard it was, man, that's naked. There was not a lot of, like, parsing to do when you first heard it. What's amazing is every time you go back to it, it's just as clear as the first time. I think I'll go back and, when I listen, I'll find something new here. No, no, it's as blatant and gratuitous as it was on first listening."

"I agree with you, you know, it would be more shocking and inexplicable, by far, if he doesn't indicted given the evidence in front of this grand jury jury," he added. "Crazy things happen in grand juries and the legal system, so never say never, but a lot of people will be stunned, certainly anyone who is even just a simple country lawyer like you, but anyone familiar with the American legal system will be stunned if he isn't, and will ask the question, what is the point of the law if this doesn't get this man indicted?"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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