'Are Americans exceptionally insane?': Conservative lashes out at resistance to gun laws
Weapons for sale at a gun shop in Florida: US gunmakers have produced over 129 million guns in the past 20 years, with another 71 million firearms imported, according to the Justice Department

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" conservative commentator and Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes expressed dismay over the weekend mass shooting in Allen Texas and suggested there is something deeply wrong with the United States.

After a visibly angry co-panelist Jonathan Lemire listed off the body counts of multiple mass shootings in Texas since 2015, the equally disturbed Sykes offered up a bitter take on "American exceptionalism," after host Joe Scarborough interjected, "Charlie, just in case people are going, yeah, okay, so these people got shot, Texas is a big state, let's underline it again: the number one killer of children in America, and I guarantee you in the state of Texas, is guns."

"This is breathtaking," Sykes began. "I have to say that the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jonathan have triggered me. When we choose the guns over the children, that's a sign of deep sickness."

"Jonathan's point about this is American exceptionalism, we are exceptional in this respect," he continued. "And, you know, on the question of mental illness, and, Joe, you've been raising this issue, are Americans exceptionally insane? Are we exceptionally more prone to this kind of violence or is there something else going on here?"

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'This American carnage, it's become absolutely routine," he added. "I think you're right to highlight the policies in Texas. I mean, it's not just the policies, it is also the attitude and the reaction and the kinds of spin that Governor [Greg] Abbott puts on this. The way that we have created this culture that celebrates, that celebrates the gun despite, you know, the horrific injuries, but also celebrates this crassness, this indifference to violence or this willingness to accept it."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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