Trump's posts are 'the utterings of an insane person': former RNC official
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Chris Jansing Reports," former Republican National Committee spokesperson Tim Miller claimed the inflammatory comments Donald Trump is aiming at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Truth Social are signs that he is becoming even more unbalanced by his legal woes.

On Thursday Trump unleashed a flood of attacks on the investigation into Trump's alleged hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels that culminated with the former president threatening "death and destruction" if he is indicted.

Speaking with host Jansing, Miller said that, if you read Trump's word's out loud anywhere, people within earshot would flee.

Beginning with "I think that he is venting," Miller told the host, "This is a deranged person. We can look at the politics but also just the reality for a second. If you were reading these bleats that he has been sending out for 24 hours out loud in a coffee shop, people would be running away from you and calling for the manager."

"These are the utterings of an insane person," he continued. "Not somebody that has the mental capacity to be president in 2024. I think that is important to say that clearly. I think it is a reflection he is both angered and upset about the possibility of these impending indictments. Also, sees the political benefit."

"This is a cunning guy," he admitted. "He might be a little deranged, but he is definitely cunning and he has this animal ability to know what is going to get his base riled up."

Earlier on MSNBC, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough also called out Trump, stating, "But you read these tweets or whatever you call it on that failing platform, and this is a guy who, you're right, he's out of his mind scared. He is melting down. Now, he is threatening riots that will lead to death and destruction if he is charged with a misdemeanor."

Watch video below or at this link.

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