Trump agreed with Bill Barr that his legal team was a 'clown show': Jonathan Karl
Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani (Photo: screen capture)

Appearing on CNN on Monday morning, Jonathan Karl -- whose bombshell interview with former Attorney General Bill Barr exposed his war with Donald Trump over investigating 2020 election fraud -- explained that Barr had a serious face-to-face meeting with Trump where he told the ex-president that his legal team was a "clown show."

CNN host Erica Hill prodded Karl, asking, "I also want to talk to you about there are a number of moments that the fact that they were talking about the clown show of the attorneys who were running point for this for Donald Trump."

"I extensively reported this," Karl began, "What happened around this event where Barr came out -- which really really, as you recall, this was an explosive event -- when Barr came out and said this was a fraud. He had a meeting with Trump in the White House, in the dining room adjacent to the Oval Office."

'I talked to several people that were there that witnessed the president's response -- it was explosive and he demanded of Barr, 'Why did you say it?' Barr said 'I said it because it's truth' and Trump said 'You must hate Trump. You must hate Trump.' Barr went on in that meeting to tell Trump that his legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani was a clown show and if he had any hope of challenging [the election] results, he needed a crackerjack team, get right to it, if you had any chance at all."

"Barr didn't think he had a chance," Karl recalled before paraphrasing Barr telling the ex-president, "You have a clown show legal team and no legitimate lawyer wants to be any part of this. The amazing thing is that Trump actually breaks from his rage for a moment and says 'you know, you may be right about that.'"

"Keep in mind," the journalist added, "This is after Rudy Giuliani had that press conference at the RNC with hair dye running down the sides of his face. Sidney Powell was out there, talking about how somehow Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelans were behind hacking the election machines. It was, in Barr's words, a bit of a clown show."

Watch below:

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