'The Constitution is not the buffet at Mar-a-Lago': CNN's Acosta smacks down Trump's new election plan
Photo via Twitter account of J.D. Durkin ( @jiveDurkey )

In a debate between conservative Alice Stewart and The Grio's April Ryan, both sides agreed that the former president has a screw loose if he thinks that the Constitution could simply be eliminated.

But it was host CNN Jim Acosta who took a different route in attempting to explain to Donald Trump how the Constitution works in a way that he could understand.

"The Constitution is not like the buffet at Mar-a-Lago," said Acosta. "You can't skip past the items that you don't like."

Stewart went another route in explaining the Constitution to Trump in a way he would understand: "I hate to inform the former president, the Constitution is not like a spouse. You can't just get rid of it when it no longer suits your purpose."

Trump has been married three times and has had multiple documented affairs.

"Look, a lot of people are not going to be proactive, come out and denounce this ludicrous statement," Stewart said of the GOP. "But if asked, they will make it clear that there's no space in American politics for this. Kevin McCarthy is in maybe the battle of his life in terms of trying to get the votes to be Speaker. And he's going against Republicans who are very pro-Trump. So, he has to really thread that needle in terms of standing up for the Constitution and for the American people without poking the bear and poking those speaking out against him as Speaker. If asked, he would denounce the statement, but he's trying to do what he can to maintain his attempt to get the necessary votes to be Speaker."

Acosta noted in his question to Ryan how Trump appears to be looking for any possible ways he could desperately score some press attention.

"Jim, you and I covered the former president of the United States. He factually is known to have broken the law in office. He is being investigated by the state Georgia, the state of New York, Jan. 6th and others because he's broken the rule of law," said Ryan. "He is going into this to attempt to be the president of the United States again and the 2024 efforts as a weakened candidate because of the past and the investigations. This is not a surprise. This president is going to try to win by any means necessary. Look at what he did — once again let's talk about Georgia. He tried to have the numbers changed in Georgia when it came to the final count of how many people voted. This is not a surprise but yet again another news story about Donald Trump trying to win the Oval Office by any means necessary. Alice is right, there are a lot of Republicans that don't have the stomach for this again including Karl Rove, who said it's time to move on."

See the discussion below or at the video here.

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