'Dropping like a rock': Bad news for Trump as he plummets into 'fringe candidate' territory
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

"Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough dropped bad news on Donald Trump on Tuesday morning by pointing out that new polls show he has little chance of winning re-election even if he does survive the Republican Party primaries.

Responding to a new poll that shows the former president's approval ratings plummeting into the 20s after his indictment in a Manhattan courtroom, co-host Wille Geist chimed in to say the former president is now getting the kind of numbers normally associated with "fringe candidates."

Citing the awful poll numbers, co-host Mika Brzezinski said of Trump, "Republican senators want him to stay away from the races in 2024 following losses by his hand-picked candidates during the last cycle. If his legal issues don't take him off the ballot, maybe his poll numbers will; a new survey shows he is losing support rapidly, dropping like a rock."

"His favorability ratings have never been great, nor the job approval ratings, but if you look at the favorability ratings, when we sit here talking about all the things he is doing and wondering why it doesn't seem to catch up to him, he now has a favorability rating that's collapsed down to 25 percent," host Scarborough interjected. "Actually lost more percentage points post-indictment."

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"It is all bad news for him, especially the fact that only one in four Americans now have a favorable impression of him," he continued with Geist adding, "25 percent -- you're dipping into being a fringe political candidate. 25 percent is a terrible number if you're trying to win a general election again."

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