QAnon forums 'ecstatic and bloodthirsty' after Trump promotes their memes on Truth Social: reporter
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

Former President Donald Trump spent much of his Tuesday morning promoting conspiracy theory memes on his Truth Social platform -- including some that directly reference the QAnon conspiracy theory.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who specializes in covering conspiracy theories and disinformation, notes on Twitter that Trump's sharing of QAnon memes has led to a frenzied reaction from some QAnon believers.

"QAnon forums are obviously ecstatic and bloodthirsty after Trump's Q-endorsing tweetstorm this morning," he writes. "They had been relatively dead in the last few months, with users headed over to general Trump forums and militia/Q influencer Telegrams. Not anymore."

Collins then posted a screen shot from a QAnon forum that giddily revealed that Trump promoted a meme that referenced "The Storm," which in QAnon mythology refers to the time when Trump conducts mass arrests of his political foes and exposes them as part of a global pedophile cabal.

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"Wipe them out, sir," read the top-rated reply in the thread.

"Plenty of people will be surprised, but we are all ready," read the second-highest rated reply. "'Which storm Mr. President? You'll find out...'"

Of course, Trump had multiple opportunities during his presidency to bring down this supposed cabal, but never got around to doing so even though he had ample time to doctor hurricane maps and accuse MSNBC's Joe Scarborough of murdering congressional staffers.