Trump supporters were confused why his big event wasn't such a big event: Daily Show's Jordan Klepper
CNN's Jim Acosta and "Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper (Photo: Screen capture)

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper revealed another of his videos on the show this week, but in a CNN interview with Jim Acosta, he exposed MAGA fans who were very confused at the latest event.

While there was the typical denialism around former President Donald Trump being out of office, the dramatic difference at this recent event was that the attendees couldn't understand why it wasn't as significant a rally as previous Trump rallies had been.

"And what was it like? I mean when you were there. You know, Trump is talking about these smaller gatherings as if it's a plus. You know, we know Trump and how he likes large crowd sizes, and we don't need to go down that road, but what is your sense of how his campaign is shaping up so far?" asked Acosta.

"Well, it was interesting. You know, if you were expecting a spectacle, you weren't getting it there. It was confusing," said Klepper. "There were people who came assuming it was a rally. Other folks called it a rally. Others called it an intimate event. There were MAGA people who were disappointed it wasn't a big, giant event. Some thought it was a reelection kick-off, some a reinstatement kick-off. Some a rifle t-shirt super sale. There's confusion in the air, which should be expected with a Trump campaign. I think overall, there's hope, at least interior-wise, that this is a new, better Trump 3.0. Something that should be underlined with this event is these ideas were coming from people who went inside, who were invite-only. So, the folks that we ended up talking to out here, most of them went inside, and they went inside because they're important enough to have invitations to be in the front row of this GOP discussion."

See the interview with Kelpper below or at the link here: