Trump started 12 Twitter battles this past week -- and lost every single one of them
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Over the course of one week, Axios counted 12 different people or entities that President Donald Trump attacked on Twitter. His greatest problem, however, is that he also lost each of the dozen fights. The site admitted that Trump went way "down the rabbit hole" of where the fights originated and where they evolved.

He went after former special counsel Robert Mueller before the testimony Wednesday, tweeting, "Why didn't Robert Mueller investigate the investigators?" A strange question because Trump's Attorney General Bill Barr didn't task Mueller with that. After Mueller spoke he claimed the former special counsel "did a horrible job." Unfortunately for Trump, the country saw Mueller reveal "no collusion, no obstruction" was a lie.

When reporters asked him to respond to Mueller's comments that Trump could be indicted once leaving office, he flew off the handle, shouting "fake news," "untruthful" and you're "one of the worst." It didn't make him look strong, rather it made him look more unhinged and too weak to handle Mueller's words.

To make things even worse, he angered leaders in Afghanistan, and arguably concerned the rest of the world, when he said he'd opt for genocide to fight Afghanistan in wake of 9-11. He claimed, “If I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth,” prompting Afghani leaders to ask what he meant by that. World leaders are generally more measured, and being prepared to drop a nuclear bomb isn't going to win him more friends on the international stage.

Another humiliating moment was when Trump lied that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi told him he could mediate the Kashmir conflict. Not only did India staunchly deny the claim, but it also made Trump look like he didn't understand the conflict. For decades, India has said that they don't want any third parties involved in Kashmir negotiations.

The humiliation got worse, when he appeared to seem jealous of former President Barack Obama's book deal. "Let's look into Obama the way they've looked at me ... Let's subpoena all of his records." Obama has produced all of his taxes and financial information dating back more than a decade ago. Trump, by contrast, still hasn't released his taxes. The book deal for Obama seems to have been significantly higher than any of Trump's book deals, thus far. It ultimately made Trump appear jealous.

Trump's voter base appeared to shrink this week as racist attacks got worse. He reignited his Twitter war with Democratic congresswomen of color, calling them "a very Racist (sic) group of troublemakers." It might be great for Trump's right-wing base, but it's alienating suburban women, who voted for the president in 2016.

The president disgraced himself further when he lied to a Washington Post reporter that he doesn't have talking points on the four congresswomen of color. There are photos of the talking points.

After that, Trump went off on the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico again, calling her "horrible," "a horror show" and "grossly incompetent." Trump was a bigger supporter of Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. This week, Trump's pal resigned and the mayor still stands.

The president then lied about undocumented immigrants who "vote many times, not just twice, not just three times." There's not only zero evidence of the claim, he empaneled an entire investigative committee led by Kris Kobach. Not even he could find evidence of Trump's claims.

Trump showed his ignorance this week when he bragged about Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which he said, gives him "the right to do whatever I want as president." It makes him appear as though he doesn't even know what the country's founding documents say.

He then accused the media of making up sources for articles. "There are no seven sources. They make them up." The man doesn't even have a grasp on the leaks in his own White House.

Finally, the president went off on social media companies, which, he says, "censor opinions" and “decide what information citizens are going to be given,” and claimed his supporters have told him personally that it's too difficult to follow people. Every Twitter account has a follow button on the page. It's unclear if Trump simply doesn't know how to use the site, or he's making it up.

"There’s a lot of noise around Trump, and most of the daily noise is not worth your time," Axios closed. "But the sheer volume of incidents — and the distance they’ve created from a normal presidency — are definitely worth your attention."