Trump in a 'no-win situation' with GOP donors as 2024 challengers emerge: Morning Joe

Former President Donald Trump has been written off before, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said this time feels different.

The former president announced his 2024 campaign this week, but several GOP megadonors have already said they would not support his White House bid, and several rivals are emerging as challengers for the Republican nomination.

"I just keep hearing it from one Donald Trump supporter after another Donald Trump supporter, his biggest problem is the guy that he's really going up against, that he's got to get through if he's going to win the Republican nomination, is Ron DeSantis, and it is nearly unanimous, the people I have spoken with in the past who have been diehard Trump supporters, all deeply offended that he was attacking Ron DeSantis on the same night that Ron DeSantis was rolling up historic numbers in the state of Florida while Donald Trump's selections were losing the Senate for Republicans."

Trump has largely held his fire against DeSantis until recently, but the "Morning Joe" host said the GOP reaction to his attacks has shown who is currently more popular among conservatives.

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"It's kind of funny, after you consider all the things Donald Trump has said in the past, that they're saying things like, 'Man, he didn't show any class, there's no class when you're attacking Ron DeSantis,' you know, so you know where I'm going with that, but this apparently seems to be the final straw," Scarborough said. "And, unlike the other times when Donald Trump's back was against the wall, there is an alternative now inside the Republican Party. The more he attacks Ron DeSantis, the more he hurts his own standing in the Republican Party, so right now, he's sort of in a no-win situation."

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