'Dark, scary and stupid': Morning Joe rips Trump's latest praise of dictators
Donald Trump (Mario Tama/Getty Images North America/Getty Images)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough slammed Donald Trump for presenting a "dark, scary and stupid" vision for the nation.

The ex-president gave a speech Saturday in Waco, Texas, on the 30th anniversary of the fiery end to the Branch Davidian cult siege, and Trump told his supporters that he was waging a battle against "high-level politicians" such as Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and President Joe Biden.

"Because he is Donald Trump, because he hates America, because he has a dark view of America, because he always talks about how terrible America is when he's not running it, and he preferred Vladimir Putin to U.S. presidents, yes, he said that on our show, because he runs down our military when he's not in the White House, of course, his answer is that President Xi and Vladimir Putin are brilliant, are great, are smart, did it again in this rally," said Scarborough. "Once again, he goes back to, who is the greatest threat to western civilization? America, leaders in America. Same speech where he praises President Xi and he praises Vladimir Putin, once again saying they were brilliant. We can make a thousand arguments about how what they've done over the past five years has been devastating for their countries. He then says they're not the greatest threat."

"In fact, Xi and Putin are pretty great in Donald Trump's eyes, always praising them," he added.

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MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire said Trump had been making those claims since first running for office in 2015, and he said the ex-president's speech was "dark," "scary" and full of signals that he intended to emulate "strongman" leaders, and Scarborough agreed.

"I suppose it could be dark and scary, so long as it can be stupid at the same time," Scarborough said. "It was dark, scary, stupid, moronic, to be going around praising President Xi, to be going around praising Vladimir Putin. Once again, blame America first. Always, he's of the blame America first crowd when he's not in the White House. Republicans blame America first, would rather have the Russian military than our military. Would rather have Russian intel than our intel -- you name it. Again, the praise, the lavish praise for dictators, for people who go out and kill journalists, people that go out and kill political opponents, that's who Donald Trump praises every time they get a chance. It tells you, again, what leader he'd want to be and tells you what he respects more than anything else. But, again, it is all very shortsighted. He spent most of this speech talking about himself."

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