Former Republican congressman explains why DeSantis will never have the guts to attack Trump
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Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) explained that one of the biggest barriers to taking down Donald Trump in a 2024 Republican primary is that whoever does, risks alienating the MAGA supporters. So, they'll be sacrificing their own political careers at the same time.

Gov. Ron "DeSantis (R-FL) is really hammering, I guess, not totally in his face, but I guess in a veiled sort of way Trump on electability rather than questions of policy," said CNN host Jim Acosta. "But, you know, pro-business conservatives don't like this feud with Disney, and others have been griping about his icy personality. What do you think? Is DeSantis more electable than Trump? Does he have the potential there to be more electable?"

Trump, by contrast, is taking it to DeSantis, even going so far as to hire some of his former staff to help him find new ways to trigger the Florida governor.

Walsh said that there was no way DeSantis was going to make it, and there are many reasons why. Last week, a video was revealed showing DeSantis doing debate prep with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Among the things DeSantis struggled with was making sure he didn't anger Trump's supporters.

"DeSantis' biggest problem, Jim, he's just not very likable," said Walsh. "I think as more people get to know him, he will not wear well on Republican voters around the country. He's been the default guy for Republicans who are Trumpers, but they want to win. And so, for the last year, they've gravitated toward him without really knowing who he is. But as people get to know who he is, look what Donald Trump's done. He's increased his lead in the polls. The one thing you can say about Trump, Jim, is he's entertaining, and he's got charisma. DeSantis has zero charisma. And, again, if you can't attack Trump by name, if you can't go after the front-runner, you don't deserve to get the nomination."

Even if DeSantis does feel brave enough to go after Trump, it may not end well if he does it the wrong way.

"Ron DeSantis spent yesterday in Iowa, Jim, and right now, Donald Trump is the clear front-runner. He's the overwhelming favorite to get the nomination, and there's DeSantis in Iowa yesterday, and he never mentions the name, Trump. He never attacks Donald Trump. Jim, DeSantis has the same problem all of these Republican challengers do. They're afraid to go after the front-runner because they want the front-runner's voters. You can't win the nomination doing that."

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Former Republican congressman explains why DeSantis will never have the guts to attack