From ‘America’s Hitler’ to ‘Trump sycophant’: Nicolle Wallace breaks down JD Vance’s stunning transformation
J.D. Vance. (Gage Skidmore)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace reported on the ongoing shift to MAGA extremism in the GOP after venture capitalist J.D. Vance captured the 2022 Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Ohio with the support of Donald Trump.

"Last night, we witnessed the rise of one political candidate who encapsulates the Republican Party's current incarnation, namely in its total capitulation and metamorphosis into Donald Trump sycophants as well as it's future as a vehicle for fundamentally anti-democratic impulses," said Wallace, who was a top GOP communications operative prior to her television journalism career.

"Now this is really important. Back in 2016, J.D. Vance — he rose to fame in some corners after writing a best-selling memoir called Hillbilly Elegy — told a friend that he feared Donald Trump was 'America's Hitler. J.D. Vance called Donald Trump 'cultural heroin' in the pages of The Atlantic. And J.D. Vance told a Slate reporter that Donald Trump was, 'leading the white working class to a very dark place.' Again, those are direct quotes from a man named J.D. Vance," Wallace reported.

The host quoted from a new op-ed by Sarah Longwell, the executive director of the Republican Accountability Project.

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"This time, there is no moving past Mr. Trump. He has remade the Republican Party in his image, and many Republican voters now crave his particular brand of combative politics," she wrote.

Wallace noted Longwell's solution to the problem.

"Whether Mr. Trump’s handpicked candidates win or not, the Republican field that will emerge from these primary battles will be overwhelmingly Trumpy. If Brian Kemp and a handful of the elected officials who voted to impeach Mr. Trump survive their primaries, it will be good for democracy. But it will not be sufficient to blunt Mr. Trump’s wholesale takeover of the party," Longwell wrote. "For that to happen, scores of candidates endorsed by Mr. Trump who win their primaries will need to lose in the general election. Only sustained defeat delivered by high Democratic turnout and right-leaning, college-educated suburban voters refusing to support these Trumpy candidates will change the current trajectory of the Republican Party."

Wallace, for her part, described the midterms as a "clash in our country between democracy and autocratic impulses."

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