Morning Joe panel bashes John Eastman for ‘unapologetic and shameless’ election meddling while under investigation
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Panelists on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" bashed right-wing attorney John Eastman's latest scheme to overturn Republican election losses.

Newly revealed audio recordings show the former Donald Trump attorney urging conservatives to file complaints that could be used to make court challenges to November's election results, and the panelists were shocked by Eastman's actions while his actions around the 2020 election are under investigation by the Department of Justice.

"Unapologetic and shameless, that's John Eastman's behavior here," said MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire. "He's a central character to the big lie, to everything Donald Trump and his allies tried to do after the 2020 election. It was his idea to set the fake elector scheme, states put alternate electors to the Congress that would allow Mike Pence to throw that out and therefore keep Trump in office. We know Eastman was sending e-mails around afterward, like, 'Guys, we might have broken the law,' and potentially wondering if he might need a pardon. He's someone who is in the thick of things. This is terrific reporting, and obviously suggests, this reiterates how the big lie is going to be with us."

Politico reporter Heidi Przybyla, who first broke the story, said Eastman's scheme will likely be attempted in multiple states in next month's election.

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"That is why you could see this potentially even in Republican states," Pryzbyla said, "Like I said, Otera County, [New Mexico], there was no reason for that election to be challenged and for the board commissioners there to refuse to certify the concerns, according to election officials who I talked to there, were that it really was a test run to see, okay, well, what would happen if we did refuse to certify an election. That is, of course, the biggest fear of a lot of elections officials that I talked to, is that you see this all kind of happening in coordination at the same time that now there's one piece here."

"You have individuals who could create this documentation," she continued. "You have in the courts now, the Supreme Court, potentially now hearing this case on what's called the independent state legislature theory, which would allow state legislatures to have the final say in essentially determining the outcome of an election, and potentially overruling our courts, big-footing courts, big-footing state officials who have supposed to have the final say, and you see how the pieces are potentially being put in place here for a much more successful version of what was considered in 2020 to be a really ham-handed approach, where they had a lot of these untrained poll challengers, banging, literally on the outside of these polling locations where votes were being counted. Now the goal is to put these people in a position to have real power."

"The takeaway here, guys, is that that broader strategy is about laying a legal framework and precedence to empower people, even with meritless claims, to potentially challenge elections," Pryzbyla added.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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