'Get off the sauce, Lindsey!': Former GOP adviser urges 'parasite' Graham to dump Trump
Lindsey Graham on Fox News (Screenshot)

According to a former Republican Party adviser, GOP lawmakers are doing themselves and their party no favors by clutching even tighter to Donald Trump now that he has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury and is set to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Appearing on MSNBC with host Katie Phang, Tara Setmayer scorched Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), saving her harshest criticism for the South Carolina Republican who made a much-derided, teary-eyed appearance on Fox News begging for money for Trump.

Setmayer got right to the point after Phang asked about GOP lawmakers' reactions to the historic indictment of a former president.

"Can we expect, Tara, to see more Republicans being more outspoken as we get closer to the arraignment on Tuesday?" host Phang asked.

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'Well it doesn't get much more outrageous than Marjorie Taylor Greene," Setmayer began. "But you know what? Keep platforming her, keep demonstrating to the American people what we've been predicting: that she actually runs the Republican party, she represents what the MAGA's have done."

"They now dominate the Republican party, there are no more normal Republicans," she elaborated. "And apparently, the idea of the rule of law, upholding the Constitution, the separation of powers; again Republicans have demonstrated that they don't give a damn about any of that as they continue to prostitute themselves for Donald Trump."

That prompted her to suddenly exclaim, "I mean Lindsey Graham! I mean get off the sauce, Lindsey! Enough that he's such a parasite, it's embarrassing and he is also revealing what Republicans are willing to do in order to keep favor with Trump."

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