'The white trash in the Republican Party is just staggering': Southern Dem strategist on 'rude' GOP
Lauren Boebert and Majorie Taylor Greene (Composite by Raw Story; Photos by Gage Skidmore)

Former Democratic strategist and infamous southerner James Carville bashed Republicans for their behavior during the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, calling them "white trash."

"Well, you know, I told people I have a PhD in white trashology, you saw real white trash on display," said Carville, speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber. "Let me say something about congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), she dresses like white trash. She really needs a fashion consultant. I recommend George Santos. He could do a good job of dressing up where she doesn't announce her white trashdom by her own clothes."

Greene was attempting to dress like a white balloon but that appeared to be lost on most Americans who don't follow her on Twitter. The bash by Carville is reminiscent of conservative Matt Lewis who wrote in the Daily Beast that Trump would never have Greene as his VP because she was too "low rent" for his high style. Republicans who spoke to Raw Story were displeased with Greene's behavior at the speech.

"First of all, their lust for cutting Social Security and Medicare is well documented," Carville said about the GOP. "Newt Gingrich shut the government down and got defeated in the end. We know that George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and Medicare. we know when Paul Ryan was Speaker and John Boehner — they did everything they could to cut Social Security and Medicare. We know that that is their objective."

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He went on to say that there was a South Dakota congressman saying that people must come together to make such cuts.

"President Joe Biden is 1000% right on this, and he's right to press ahead, and I thought he had a great night last night," Carville continued. "It's just -- the level of white trashdom in the Republican Party is staggering. I mean, for somebody that has observed it for a long time, like I have, I've never seen it manifest itself on a level that it's manifesting itself."

He went on to say that Republicans were stupid to fall for something so amateurish.

"When something like this happens, how could we be this lucky?" Carville asked. "How could they just walk right into it, right? I mean, oh, my God. They did it. And I know -- I'm positive [the White House staff] were hoping for this reaction, but they'd have been satisfied with half of it, but they just went and walked right into the trap. And Kevin McCarthy, who is not white trash, he's just white Jell-O, he knew what happened."

Carville went on to cite people like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who similarly shouted and made a scene in the past State of the Union Address.

"You cannot do anything to have low-quality people — Lauren Boebert met her husband when -- allegedly according to the police report, he exposed himself to her at a bowling alley," said Carville. "This is not made-up stuff. This is who they are! And even McCarthy, as gutless and spineless as he is, knew that they walked right into the trap. It's unbelievable."

Melber noted that ahead of the speech, McCarthy was telling the press that he was going to be civil and he wouldn't stoop to the level of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who tore up Trump's speech copy. In the end, however, he ended up being seen on camera whispering "shhhh" to his caucus.

Melber cited the House of Lords in the U.K., which tends to be raucous and takes pride in its grumbling. He wondered if this was the introduction to the United States becoming that level of politics.

"You know, usually I'm pretty pessimistic about the state of American politics, and to some extent the State of American culture, but I thought this was illuminating," said Carville. "Come on, this was entertaining, man. You know, if you like entertainment, you know, you couldn't see this and let them expose themselves, if you will, Lauren Boebert's husband, to see just how trashy these people are. How rude they are. How ill-mannered they are. And you don't get to see this very often at this level. And you really got to see it last night at this level. I'm a big believer that, you know, the state of the union, I mean, no one cares. It doesn't change anything. I don't know what it all changed last night, but it was vastly and enormously entertaining to me."

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