Sidney Powell spent $1.2 million to set up a new DC law office as disbarment looms: report
Sidney Powell. (Real America's Voice/screen grab)

According to a report from Politico, embattled attorney Sidney Powell, who has been at the forefront of legal efforts to get the results of the 2020 presidential election thrown out based upon accusations of fraud, is setting up a new law office in Washington D.C.

Of note, the report from Politico's Josh Gerstein is the fact that the attorney -- who is facing sanctions, possible disbarment and a multi-billion dollar lawsuit filed against her by Dominion Voting Systems -- paid $1.2 million through a limited liability corporation (LLC) to purchase a former antique shop to house her offices.

Powell, along with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, has been leading the charge insisting massive election fraud deprived Donald Trump of re-election.

The owners of the building, who are well aware of who she is, were stunned to find out that she was the buyer.

"In April, a Texas-based limited-liability corporation paid $1.2 million to purchase a former antique shop on North Washington Street, land records show," Gerstein reported "The sellers said their real estate broker told them that Powell was the buyer and that she planned to use the building, on a commercial block, as a law office occupied by 6 or 7 staff."

According to Lois Boyles, whose Studio Antiques and Fine Arts filled the space until closing in 2019, it came as quite a surprise to her and her husband when the actual buyer's name was revealed.

"It's sort of been a source of amusement for us more than anything," she explained before adding, "Our lovely Realtor initially told us there is a law firm that's really interested in your building and wants to pay cash and wants to close in two weeks. … A day or two later, they said, 'Oh, by the way, it's Sidney Powell."

Boyles admitted she and her husband were apprehensive about the sale and whether the purchase would happen, recalling, "There is nothing scurrilous about it. We just had our fingers crossed that the money would be in our account before the suit from Dominion came through. From our end, it seems above board. Our friends and family, when we told them who we sold the building to, there was a short pause and 'Oh ...' and then they said they were just kidding."

As for the offices, now that the purchase has been completed, Gerstein reported, "On Monday, the brick building Powell purchased appeared to be undergoing some renovation work, with a painter's ladder visible through one of the doors. There's no sign posted indicating any tie to Powell or her organizations. Three rocking chairs positioned behind the beige-painted columns on the front porch convey more of a homey feel than that of a law office," adding that security cameras are also being installed.

As for how the purchase was handled, the Politico report notes, "Alexandria land records show that in April, a firm called 524 Old Towne LLC paid $1.2 million to purchase the former antique shop. City records tie the firm to a UPS Store in West Palm Beach, Fla., that has also been used by Powell's Defending the Republic group," adding, "Texas corporate records show 524 Old Towne LLC was set up about a week before the sale closed in April."

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