Trump's lawyers 'are dropping like flies' as he gets closer to indictment: legal expert
Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Reacting to a report that another one of Donald Trump attorneys has walked away from his client, one legal expert noted that as the possibility of a wave of indictments grows closer, the former president has fewer and fewer lawyers sticking around.

Earlier in the week it was announced that Tim Parlatore, who has been a major player in Trump's defense over the stolen government documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago is stepping aside.

In a statement, the attorney claimed, "My departure was a personal choice and does not reflect upon the case, as I believe strongly the (Justice Department) team is engaging in misconduct to pursue an investigation of conduct that is not criminal."

Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg said on Friday that he's puzzled at what is going on among Trump's legal team and wondered where another high-profile legal hire by the former president has disappeared to.

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Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Aronberg stated, "What stood out with the departure of Tim Parlatore is that he is the same lawyer that wrote a letter to Congress setting up Trump's defenses. He said it was Trump's aides, not Trump, who hastily packed up the boxes and shipped them down to Florida -- Trump's hands were supposedly clean."

"Then Trump went on that live [CNN] town hall the other day and said, 'No, no, I did it and had every right to do so,'" he elaborated. "I think the reason why he withdrew, Parlatore, is because he was exasperated with his client along with perhaps knowing that he would become a witness and possibly a defendant in the case himself -- he testified about before the grand jury."

"Here's the other thing that I'm wondering about: the New York Times also reported there were two attorneys left," he continued. "You've got James Trusty and John Rowley leading the defense. What happened to Chris Kise? Chris Kise is a former Florida solicitor general, very well respected; he got a $3 million retainer up front and then he was sidelined by Donald Trump because Trump didn't agree with his advice. Kise wanted Trump to be more conciliatory, more cooperative with DOJ rather than confrontational."

"So, instead, Trump went his own way, the confrontational approach, and look what is happening now," he explained. "With each misstep, he's getting closer and closer to an indictment, and his lawyers are dropping like flies."

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