New Walker story creates 'three problems' for Georgia Republicans: conservative
Herschel Walker / U.S. Air Force photo by Ken Wright

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," conservative writer Charlie Sykes reacted to the New York Times report that former NFL star and Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker was accused of trying to persuade a woman he impregnated multiple times to have a second abortion.

This comes after the bombshell accusation earlier in the week that Walker had paid for a previous abortion and his pro-Trump son's public claim that he has abused and threatened to murder members of his family, with key Republican figures saying they plan to stick by him anyway.

"I think the problem for Herschel Walker is, what is before the voters of Georgia is his extreme views on abortion in the final five weeks," said anchor Nicolle Wallace. "And the reason we know is that such a loser for Republicans is because people like Blake Masters are taking abortion positions off the website. The reason we know it is a loser is because it failed in Kansas. Tell me how you sort of process this story and what you're looking for in the final four weeks ahead of the midterms, Charlie."

"My reaction to the New York Times story is that it's highly unlikely that any Georgia Republican official was in any way surprised by it, or that this will make any difference to them because they're all in on the hypocrisy," said Sykes. "So the Republicans have three major problems with Herschel Walker on the abortion issue. They have extremism, which they walked into. They have the lies. Herschel Walker continues to lie about this and nobody believes his lies. And I think that's going to continue to unravel. And they have the hypocrisy."

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Republicans stand to lose a number of key states beyond Georgia, argued Sykes, including Michigan, a state that voted for Trump in 2016, and is now "slipping away from Republicans" — driven further by a voter referendum this November to codify abortion rights in the state.

"When it comes to Herschel Walker, I guess one of the reasons why I'm cynical and jaded is not just watching voters being lied to, not just seeing this hypocrisy on display, but seeing the entire Republican Party and the vast majority of Republican voters saying, and yeah, we're okay with that, that's something that we are willing to embrace. And we always wondered what Donald Trump would do to American political culture. I mean, the man's a chronic liar and hypocrite. He has now institutionalized it in the Republican Party. And you see it in the most dramatic, and in many ways ludicrous ways, with somebody like Herschel Walker, who they're all in on and trying to get a seat in the United States Senate."

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Charlie Sykes outlines the three problems Republicans face with Herschel Walker