Trump-loving Arizona lawmaker gives DeSantis a long list of demands -- including a Florida 'audit'
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On Tuesday, far-right Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers took a swipe at Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Twitter, demanding that he demonstrate his fealty to former President Donald Trump and step aside for him in 2024, along with passing a laundry list of GOP policies.

Among the things Rogers demanded DeSantis do are "audit Florida" and "ban the machines" — presumably a reference to Dominion Voting Systems equipment, which is used in parts of Florida and is the subject of numerous pro-Trump conspiracy theories.

An audit of Florida is an unusual request, given that former President Donald Trump carried the Sunshine State by 3.4 points — the strongest showing for a Republican presidential candidate there since 2004. But many of Trump's allies have alleged fraud schemes in states Trump won as well, with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell even baselessly alleging a plot to rig 100,000 votes in deep red Alabama for Joe Biden.

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Rogers has emerged as a controversial figure in recent months; she has called for arresting Arizona's secretary of state for nonexistent voter fraud, and on MLK Day this year, she honored the holiday with a post praising Confederate leaders.

DeSantis, a longtime Trump ally who rose to the governorship with the former president's endorsement, has reportedly become a target for Trump's wrath over his own presidential ambitions, after he did not promise to stand aside for Trump should he run again in 2024. Trump allies have subsequently been turning on him, with former political strategist Roger Stone calling DeSantis "fat, slow and dumb."