Giuliani accuser could be 'credible witness' in larger probe of Trump World: Dem strategist
Rudy Giuliani, photo by Gage Skidmore.

The woman who sued former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for allegedly requiring her to perform sex acts as part of her job duties may also be a witness in broader investigations, including the one being conducted by Jack Smith, according to a Democratic strategist.

Noelle Dunphy said Giuliani offered her employment for a salary of $1 million a year in 2019, when Giuliani was serving as an attorney for then-President Donald Trump, but that the offer was a "sham motivated by his secret desire to pursue a sexual relationship" with her. It was further reported that the lawsuit could also reveal money laundering, Ukraine meddling, and Trump's election fraud.

Joy Reid, speaking on The ReidOut on MSNBC on Tuesday, said the allegations in Dunphy's lawsuit sound like "something Jack Smith would want to hear about." Smith is looking into Trump inquiries.

Democratic strategist Kurt Bardella agreed with the characterization, saying that, while Dunphy is a "victim," she's also "a witness to a massive attack on our democracy."

"And if she has information that shows there were conversations and she has some of those on tape about the plot to thwart the election and show this was deliberate, this was contrived, this was planned, this wasn't just some rowdy tourists having a normal day on Capitol Hill, there was a deeper conspiracy going on that started before the election results even came in, that's something that any special counsel and anyone investigating what happened that led to the circumstances of January 6th should want to look at," Bardella said. "So, she becomes a very important and credible witness."

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Bardella also noted that Dunphy is purportedly close to a lot of people in Trump world.

"I can't underscore the proximity to the people that were first-hand a part of this is incredibly important and very credible, and if I were Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and everyone in the Republican Party, I would be worried," he said to Reid.

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