The View unleashes on conservative Dana Loesch for attacking 'skanks' to defend Herschel Walker's promiscuity
Herschel Walker / U.S. Air Force photo by Ken Wright

The age-old double standard was the topic for the table of the co-hosts at "The View" on Wednesday, as Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker's latest scandal persisted.

Walker was exposed as a hypocrite for claiming to be a virtuous pro-life conservative when he was sleeping with tons of women, having several children out of wedlock and paying for abortions for other women. Former NRA TV host Dana Loesch attacked the women as "skanks," which didn't sit well with the hosts of "The View."

"First of all, ma'am," Whoopi Goldberg began, "there's a lot of women who find themselves in a position of having to have an abortion. How dare you call them skanks, first of all? And I believe the whole point is that Walker is saying, I believe that this is murder. And has paid, supposedly, for women to have abortions. That's the point. If you are going to -- if we're going to have these discussions, please stick to them and not go off calling people names because I'm keeping calling you a name out of my mouth because it's not the right thing to do."

Republican commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin called it "the moral rot that is taking over my party." She said she refused to defend someone like Walker and Loesch.

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"As a pro-life woman to hear someone else like Dana who is pro-life, call women who get into situations where they need abortions skanks, I will not defend that. This is an interesting topic that we're weighing into. I think, listen. Herschel Walker, the hypocrisy there is very, very clear. I tend to trust people more by their actions than by their words. His actions where he tried to pay for his mistress' abortion. Don't try to legislate something differently when you are running for office."

Sunny Hostin was disgusted that Loesch would purport to be pro-life while supporting the AR-15.

"We should be allowed to kill life with that, yet now also she's saying women that have abortions are skanks and that it's okay to have that abortion if your man is paying for it." "What do the Republicans stand for? she asked. I mean, it seems to me it was really easy to define conservative principles. You've mentioned them many times. Ana has mentioned them many times. Sara has mentioned them many times. Limiting the size and reach of government, reducing taxes, strengthening national defense and holding firm traditional, moral values. What the hell was that that we just saw?"

Walker maintains that he never paid for an abortion but he sends people money all the time. He also sent the woman a "get well" card.

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