The View's Ana Navarro lists off Republican men who are only against abortion until their mistresses need one
Ana Navarro (ABC)

"The View" started off the Tuesday show dealing with the bombshell report from the Daily Beast revealing that self-proclaimed "pro-life" Republican Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, paid for an abortion for one of his exes in 2009. Walker took to Twitter and Fox's Sean Hannity to deny the claim and continues to deny the claim. The woman has the receipt, a bank deposit and a get-well card.

It resulted in Walker's son, Christian, unleashing and attacking his father for lying, for abuse, violence and hypocrisy, while claiming he's living life as a Christian.

Similar to the younger Walker, Republicans Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin said that it's the hypocrisy that Republicans should be ashamed of.

"Two issues here the lies, the lies, and the other is hypocrisy just strikes you in the face and unfortunately this is not a unique situation," said Navarro. "In 2017, Republican Congressman Tim Murphy from Pennsylvania resigned from Congress after a report came out after he had asked his mistress to get an abortion. Very pro-life. No exceptions, too. A current Congressman, a Republican from Tennessee, running for re-election this year, it came out that he had asked his ex-wife and also a patient, because he's doctor, with whom he was having an affair, to have an abortion. It's the hypocrisy of these men who are mandating laws, having no compassion. But when their mistresses get pregnant, little girls get pregnant, when they have unwanted pregnancies, the laws for not the women in their lives. It's the reason this woman involved here said she came out, her quote in that story that was released, 'I just can't with the hypocrisy anymore.' Girl, I'm with you."

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Sunny Hostin noted that Republicans made a significant miscalculation about packing the courts to outlaw abortion. It has energized women in ways that could crush the GOP's chances not just in the 2022 midterms but in elections to come.

Griffin noted that Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) shows that he is outperforming Walker in polls, so it's possible that many of the voters that would normally support a Republican might vote Libertarian instead.

"I want to echo Ana's point, this is hypocrisy," she continued. "We were talking about this earlier. By and large, the meanest comments that any of us get on social media are almost from people with Christian and Jesus in their bio. We've got to hold ourselves to higher standards. Don't you say you have certain morals and believe in a certain thing and do the exact opposite? If you thought it was right for this woman to get an abortion then your position is for abortion, Herschel Walker, that's plain and simple. I'm pro-life. But I'm willing to have conversations that there should be access to abortions. To run this hard-lined stance saying no access, no one should have it, he calls it murder, then paying for a woman to get it. It just reeks of hypocrisy."

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