There is no internal GOP fight — 'Marjorie Taylor Greene is the establishment now’: Ex-GOP operative
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking with attendees at the 2022 Student Action Summit at the Tampa Convention Center. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

WASHINGTON — The political rumor mill has suggested that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is dreaming of becoming Donald Trump's vice president as he runs in 2024.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it.

"I'm for President Trump and I'm sure he'll make a great selection," he said, speaking to Raw Story on Wednesday. "Marjorie is a valued member of the Congress. And friend. I mean, I supported her when she ran."

Greene has aligned herself with now-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and has pivoted from the lady chasing shooting survivors and yelling into mail slots of members' offices. While her fringe ideology hasn't changed much, her behavior seems to have calmed.

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"NBC News is reporting that Marjorie Taylor Greene is really looking above and beyond being Kevin McCarthy's bestie," MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said at the top of her show Wednesday. A "second source, who advised her, said her vision is to be vice president. The source has ties to Trump but spoke anonymously, and thinks she would be on Trump's shortlist. I think Trump should hope to be on her shortlist. She's the most powerful person in the body it seems to me, by sort of taking the deal early, she probably got more than the holdouts who took the deal late only after I think 11 or 12 public humiliations."

Former Republican strategist Tim Miller called Greene "the establishment."

"A lot of times, people in the media want to say the Republican Party is going through this fight between the old establishment and the MAGA types. That's over," he said. "That's an analysis from ten years ago. The Republican establishment now is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She's the closest ally of Kevin McCarthy."

He cited a New York Times report calling her his new "wing-woman" since he needed her to get the speakership.

"She's tied in with President Trump -- former President Trump. I think the two most powerful men right now in the Republican Party, the Speaker of the House and the former president, she's on their speed dial list," said Miller. "I do think she represents what the party is now. That's represented in what Kevin McCarthy has done also in these appointments in the committees. You have the COVID committee, [Ronnie] Jackson and Marjorie Taylor Greene on there, they were so crazy on COVID that they were saying it was a hoax."

Both Jackson and Greene called the Omicron variant something that Democrats invented, which Miller noted doesn't even make sense if someone reads an international newspaper.

"These types of people, the conspiracy theorists, are now inside the House, inside the Speaker's office and are controlling the party," Miller explained. "I think that just demonstrates how preposterous it is that McCarthy would be like, 'Oh, we don't want anybody we couldn't trust on the Intelligence Committee.' Look at the people he is putting on these committees."

See the conversation in the video below or at the link here.

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