Republican congresswoman blames Joe Biden for George Santos' fraud and lies
George Santos, R-N.Y., at a conference in Las Vegas last month. (Wade Vandervort/AFP)

WASHINGTON — Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) said that it's clear Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) won't remove Rep. George Santos (R-NY) because it would mean putting McCarthy's power into question again.

"The thing with Santos is there's so much out there," said Boyle. "I think besides the criminal thing he's facing in Brazil. The other most serious thing is all of the FEC shadiness. Where did the $700,000 come from? All of these $199.99 when $200 is the limit on documentation you need. So, there's so much there. Obviously, the morally and ethically right thing would be to resign. But you know that's where each side typically takes a lead in policing the really bad behavior. And with Kevin McCarthy, he's so desperate to be Speaker, he needs every vote and needs to maintain every vote he has. I wouldn't be surprised if you see McCarthy be quiet about it for as long as possible."

Boyle hasn't heard anything about an extradition request for Santos.

"I assume we'd have to honor that extradition request," Boyle said about Santos' possible charges in Brazil over a fraud case. The U.S. has had an extradition treaty with Brazil since 1961. So, if the prosecutors in the case decide they want to talk to Santos the U.S. would have to turn over the Congressman.

He also joked that we have Santos to thank for winning World War II. As Boyle was speaking to Raw Story, The New York Times published a report that said Santos falsely claimed he "doubled" the profits at Goldman Sachs while he worked there. He never worked at Goldman, according to the company.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) blamed Santos' lies on President Joe Biden saying that he "sets a bad example for young people like George Santos." Santos is an adult man of 34 years of age.

Tenny said that she feels bad for Santos for how hard this will be on him after he lied so much about his identity.

"I don't think he's going to run again," she continued. "But we'll have to wait to see if the Ethics Committee can track him and his, you know, financial issues, I think they're looking at his financial situation and what did he disclose in terms of — that's the legal and not the other part."

But she said that ethics don't really matter in politics because there are people like Joe Biden. She didn't elaborate, however.

The Nassau County Republicans in New York did a press conference on Wednesday to call on Rep. Santos to resign.

"I will not," he responded.

He has not indicated if he intends to run again in 2024.