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In the wake of the mass shooting targeting a Black community in Buffalo, New York, it was discovered that the shooter had a manifesto filled with hate and racist ideology.

It was reported over the weekend that the so-called "great replacement" or "white replacement" conspiracy theory was something the gunman believed. The false idea holds that Jews are intentionally trying to bring in more immigrants to eliminate white people.

Critics of Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) have claimed that their anti-immigration rhetoric has closely mirrored the racist conspiracy theory.

Speaking to MSNBC on Monday, former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) explained that these ideas may have been part of the beliefs nested in the Republican Party for decades, but it wasn't until Donald Trump said it out loud that others became fearless in doing the same. The "quiet part" went from innuendo in caucus meetings or among the GOP members to public speeches and Fox News interviews.

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As conservative Headline News host SE Cupp explained Monday, "They're not wearing hoods anymore." According to a study published in Feb. 2022 by the journal Nature Human Behavior, Trump's presidency ushered in a new era of overt racism. A person who supports him is more likely to hold racist views, the surveys concluded.

"I want to say, Nicolle, I think that it is not fair to spend so much time talking about Elise Stefanik and Tucker Carlson and not mention Donald Trump," said McCaskill. "Donald Trump said the ugly part out loud. There have always been racists in this country, and yes, my friend Michael Steele is right. There are Democrats that hate Black people and there are Republicans that hate Black people. No question about it, but the difference is that Donald Trump came down that escalator and he said the ugly part out loud."

She recalled the announcement by Trump where he infamously descended the escalator only to say that Mexicans are "bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists."

"We all know the vast majority of Mexicans who have come to America are looking for the American Dream," said McCaskill. "They have strong family values. They have deep religious faith. They want to work hard. They want to raise their children in a place where there is a brighter future. That is very American, and he called them all rapists out loud when he announced for president of the United States."

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McCaskill went on to say that when Trump did that he changed the Republican Party forever.

"Now they're all comfortable with gaining political power through hate of Black people and brown people and some of these people, it's all about Jewish people, and that now has become an important part of the Republican Party, and I think it is really important we don't forget that [Trump] delivered that," she closed.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow then noted that for generations "they" were fine when Black people were working hard and trying to better themselves. Now that they are succeeding, the racists are coming out with their anger.

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Trump brought the racism out into the public