Watch The View’s Meghan McCain's biggest meltdowns over the course of 2018
Meghan McCain (ABC)

The View's Meghan McCain has earned her reputation as a hothead, thanks to her near-daily meltdowns on the show. Here are our favorites from the past year (and yes, we know there's still time for more).

May 5: McCain insists journalists ""hate the people in the middle of the country"." WATCH:

May 9: McCain defends Trump for pulling out of the Iran deal, and then accuses her co-hosts of supporting terrorism. WATCH:

June 4: McCain tries to tell professor Michael Eric Dyson, who is African American, that Republicans aren't racist. It doesn't go well. WATCH:

June 13: McCain objects to "The Year of the Woman" as only she can: by shouting over her co-hosts. WATCH:

July 13: McCain melts down and attacks her fellow conservative Tara Setmayer for calling Trump's base "a cult." WATCH:

August 3: McCain equates Fox News and CNN, CNN's Ana Navarro objects, McCain's head explodes. WATCH:

October 29: McCain claims gun owners are the real victims after 11 Jews are murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, then throws a fit when her co-hosts disagree. WATCH:

November 7: McCain flips out when co-host Sunny Hostin says Republicans put their party before their country. WATCH:

December 3: McCain sets off a shouting match with co-host Joy Behar after Behar praises the 41st president's action on climate change. WATCH:

December 4: Following up the previous day's unhinged outburst, McCain openly sulks on the set, while her co-hosts ignore her. It's uncomfortable. WATCH: